Automatic viscometer iVisc

The compact, intelligent viscosity measuring stand is designed for a large spectrum of standard glass capillary viscometers (e.g. Ubbelohde and Cannon-Fenske).

Placing it in a suitable LAUDA thermostat (e.g. Viscotemp ET, Viscocool 6 or Viscotemp 18) and using the corresponding glass capillary viscometer, the kinematic viscosities in the range from 0.3 to 30,000 mm²/s can be determined. A wide range of applications can be accommodated as a result.


Special Features:

  • “Plug & play“ device installation via USB cable
  • Connection of up to 8 iVisc units per computer
  • Intuitive operation using freely-definable software procedures
  • Exact and “intelligent“ optical meniscus sensing for all kinds of liquids
  • Operating status display via LEDs
  • Just one cable (USB) for control and power supply via Desktop / Tower PC, Laptop, Netbook etc.
  • Just 1 watt of power consumption over USB
  • Measurement temperature from -20 to 150 °C (with suitable viscobath)

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Technical features:

Sample temperature range

-20...150 °C

Ambient temperature

10...45 °C

Measurement range time

0...9,999.99 s

Recommended measurement range of flow time

30...1,000 s

Viscosity range

0.3...30,000 mm2/s

Resolution of time measurement

10 ms

Meniscus detection

Optical (near infrared)

Total power consumption

1 W

Dimensions (W x D x H)

95 x 96 x 425 mm

Power supply


Weight, net

1.4 kg

Compatible Windows versions

7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11

We have the user in mind

The full control of the measuring process including the pumps and pressure compensation valves, the highly flexible meniscus sensing using NIR light sensor, and the precise measurement of the flow time of the sample using the measuring capillary are all done in the head of the measuring stand.

The most common formulas and calculations are included in the software. The clear software interface considerably simplifies the daily lab routine. After the simple insertion of a filled glass capillary, the software coordinates all of the steps necessary to perform the measurement and then executes the evaluation.

Here, the precise measuring of the flow time is based on intelligent, self-adaptive NIR meniscus sensing.

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Special Features:

  • Integrated glass viscometer database library
  • Display of the current measuring sequence
  • Clear user interface with everything at a glance
  • Easy data transfer options (e.g. Excel)

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