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Measuring instruments for polymers,
surfaces, oils and surfactants

By specialists for specialists

Since 1967 LAUDA has been developing, manufacturing and selling reliable precision Measuring instruments that have become firmly established worldwide in research, teaching and quality assurance.

LAUDA Scientific is your partner for Measuring instruments for determining the viscosity of polymer solutions, optical contact angle measuring instruments for measuring the free surface energy and the wetting behavior, and classical tensiometers for determining the surface and interfacial tension of oils and surfactants.

For decades, well-known clients from all over the world have come to rely on LAUDA Measuring instruments, which bring together precision, reliability and longevity. Along with its extensive experience in sales and service, LAUDA Scientific provides you with the support you need to successfully complete your tasks.

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Safe from Log4j security hole

No danger from worldwide security hole

LAUDA Scientific measurement devices are automatically protected against the Log4j security vulnerability. None of the PC-based software we sell is based on the Java programming language.

Dr. Jürgen Grebner is the new Sales Manager

LAUDA Scientific presents successor to Philipp Neumann

Dr. Jürgen Grebner succeeded Philipp Neumann on 1 May 2020 and has been responsible for the worldwide sales of LAUDA Scientific since then.



Munich, Deutschland

21. - 24.06.2022

K 2022

Dusseldorp, Germany

19. - 26.10.2022

Service and sales

Support that is personal and tailored to your needs

LAUDA Scientific stands for precision and reliability. Together with our representatives and our worldwide sales partners, we provide excellent service and logistics – for the perfect operation of your Measuring instruments as well as personal assistance for all application-specific issues, before and after purchase.