Precise models for temperature control from -60 to 230 °C

  • The Viscotemp and Viscocool transparent thermostats for precise temperature control and standard-compliant stability. A guarantee for reproducible results in viscometry.
  • The Viscocool 6 convinces with Peltier cooling. Environmentally friendly on a minimum footprint. Temperature stability of +/-0.01K.
  • The Proline PV and PVL viscothermostats ensure maximum temperature accuracy and homogeneity over a wide temperature range. Dilution series can be carried out automatically in the thermostat - no problem with the built-in magnetic stirring points. At -40 °C, the front panels of the thermostat freeze up? No problem with the PVL models due to the triple glazing and the built-in heating frame.

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Information on the product and product range

The perfect transparent thermostat for every application

Measuring points for manual measurement (stopwatch) or automatic measuring stands

Bath type Temperature range Number of measuring points
ECO ET 15..90°C 4x man./2x autom.
VT 18 (glass) 20..100°C 5x man./1x autom.
Viscocool 6 Peltier 15..90°C 2x man./1x autom.
Viscotemp 0..105°C 7x man./4x autom.
Proline PV -60..230°C 9x man./4x autom.

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