LAUDA Surface Analyzer LSA 200

Thanks to the numerous precise adjusting axes and their wide ranges as well as available expansion functionalities / modules, which are of great importance for challenging applications, the LSA 200 belongs, together with LSA 100, to one of the most versatile and flexible devices on the market.

This is also supported by flexible automation with automatic x / y / z axes for the sample stage.

Optional revolutionary features such as the double view module for simultaneous top and side analysis and measurements on a single drop complete the picture of this top notch surface analyzer.


Special Features:

  • Optional with up to three dosing units and and up to six liquids, ideal for surface energy determination
  • Wide range of drop calculation methods for the contact angle, supplemented by the unique TrueDrop method
  • Powerful surface tension measurement makes mechanical tensiometers obsolete
  • Depending on model up to three different dosing systems integrated (optional non-contact dosing systems and numerous other modules and accessories)

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Technical features:


8.7x zoom lens

Camera Type

LCA-10 (USB 3) 1,920 x 1,200 px (169 fps) max. res

and even much more higher rates at lower resolutions


12 mm fine focus with focus assistant support

plus 100 mm focus adjustment axis

Max. sample dimensions (L x W x H)

∞ x 350 x 76 mm

Max. sample weight

15 kg

self-locking w/o clamping

Sample table dimensions (L x W)

100 x 100 mm

Travel distance of sample table

X-/Y-direction: 100 mm both with built-in dust protection cover

Z-direction: 50 mm

Measuring range for contact angles

0 – 180 °

Measuring range for surface

and interfacial tensions

0.001...2,000 mN/m

Precision: 0.1 %

Power supply

100 /240 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz.

Dimensions (W x D x H)

750 x 190 x 543 mm

Weight, net

approx. 22 kg

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