Viscotemp series

LAUDA Scientific viscothermostats provide accurate tempering for all glass capillary viscometers. Various products are available to support different system configurations where international norm standards require a precise temperature stability (ASTM 0445, ISO 3105 and DIN 51562 from now on DIN 53000).

Viscotemp 15 / 24

The Viscotemp 15 / 24 provide a high-quality stainless steel bath and glass window and can be used in the most common temperature range from 0 up to 105 °C. The well-arranged single-chamber system with optional background lighting allows a crystal-clear view and can be easily cleaned. Typical applications for that products are the determination of the viscosity index of motor oils or the solution viscosity of plastics.

The Viscotemp 15 can be used with up to four manual measuring stations or two automatic measuring stands, iVisc or S5 (PVS). Viscotemp 24 offers the capacity to work with maximum seven viscometers or up to four automatic measuring stands. On both versions the VRM 4 cleaning module can be installed. The corrosion-resistant thermostating bath allow the handling with aggressive samples, e.g. polyamides dissolved in sulfuric acid and is approved for the usage of suitable silicon oils (e.g. Therm 180) as heat transfer liquid.

Special Features:

  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel bath with 19 to 27 liter bath volumes
  • For up to 4 automatic or 7 manual measuring stations
  • Clear design makes quick cleaning possible
  • Variopump with six pumping levels and pump flow distribution for perfect homogeneity
  • Display with standards-compliant resolution of 0.01 K, intuitive operation via cursor and soft-keys

Technical features:

(1) Can be realized with external cooling // (2) Other power supply variants on request


Viscotemp 15

Viscotemp 24

Working temperature range

0...105 °C (1)

0...105 °C (1)

Temperature stability

± 0.01 K

± 0.01 K

Max. amount measuring stands



Max. amount manual thermost. positions



VRM mounting set available



Heater power

2.6 kW

2.6 kW

Bath volume

19 l

27 l

Glass pane size (W x H)

152 x 233 mm

329 x 233 mm


230 V, 50/60 Hz (2)

230 V, 50/60 Hz (2)

Dimensions (W x D x H)

532 x 233 x 552 mm

708 x 233 x 552 mm

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