Compact devices for static and dynamic surface and interfacial tension

  • The TC 1 offers a cost-effective introduction to tensiometry. With the acoustic measuring assistant, the precise load cell and the robust design, it is ideal for use in the laboratory as well as in production environments.
  • The compact TD 4 is used for automatic measurement with high reproducibility. Simple menu navigation and intuitive operation characterize the TD 4. Even demanding samples can be handled by simple parameter adjustments via the Tensio.Touch user interface.
  • The optional Peltier temperature control unit PTT+ for TC1 and TD4 allows a direct control of the sample temperature without additional floor space.
  • The drop volume tensiometer TVT 2 is used for precise, dynamic interfacial tension and single drop measurements. It is characterized by high precision and reproducibility. THE standard instrument in emulsion development and characterization.
  • The bubble pressure tensiometer MPT-C for the exact detection of fast surfactants in the millisecond range.

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Conforming to standards

The following standards are only a selection. Others on request.

Ring Plate Drop volume Bubble pressure
ASTM D 971 EN 14210 ISO 9101 ASTM D 3825
ASTM D 1331 EN 14370 ASTM D 2285  
ISO 6889      
ISO 304      
ISO 1409      

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