Viscometers (ASTM D445 / ISO 3104)

Glass capillary viscometry for Newtonian liquids

  • The PVS viscometer system is the routine instrument for aggressive solvents in polymer chemistry. With a high sample throughput and maximum work safety, it provides largely fully automated, precise and reproducible results. The PVS-based autosampler has become indispensable in many polymer laboratories worldwide.
  • Customer-specific configurations adapt the system to your individual application. If these change, existing systems can be extended and adapted at any time thanks to the modular design.
  • Software modules for GLP, CFR part11 compliance and database connection optional.
  • Standard-compliant measurements require glass capillary viscometers. The Visco.Fix system makes them reliable, clean and safe.
  • The iVisc is the transfer model from stopwatch to automatic measurement. Do not sacrifice precision and reproducibility for low sample volumes.
    The power supply via USB allows a flexible use in the laboratory.

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Conforming to standards

Different configurations depending on application and sample volume

Polymers Oils Cellulose
ISO 307 ISO 2909 IEC 60450
ISO 1628 ASTM D 2532 ISO 5153
ASTM D 4601 DIN 51562  

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