Drop volume tensiometer

The LAUDA Drop Volume Tensiometer TVT 2 is used to measure the surface and interfacial tension of liquids. Its strengths lies in the high-precision determination of dynamic interfacial tension.

The TVT 2 uses the fact that the volume of a drop released from a needle in air is dependent on its surface tension or on its interfacial tension between the two phases, if released into a second, immiscible phase (oil).

With the TVT 2, this measuring principle has been brought by LAUDA Scientific into a measuring device that is easy to use at the same time, thanks to precision engineering.


Special Features:

  • Characterization of the dynamic behaviour of surfactant molecules at the surface and interface within seconds or hours
  • High-precision measuring of interfacial tensions in a very wide range down to very small values (0.1 mN/m)
  • Measurements on highly volatile and/or toxic substances through gas-tight system sealing
  • No wetting problems as occurs, for example, with ring, plate and frame methods
  • Low sample requirements (0.25...5 ml)
  • Simple thermostating options over a wide temperature range (5...90 °C)
  • Measurements of rising and falling drops
  • Syringes and needles for various applications
  • Highly viscous and skin-forming liquids are easily and rapidly measured

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