PVS Collect support software

Configuration data collection

In order to provide competent software support for your PVS or autosampler system, our specialists require various configuration files from your laboratory computer. With our PVS Collect support software you can compile these automatically and send them to us.

Download the program version suitable for your task to your laboratory computer. Alternatively, the file can also be downloaded from another computer and then transferred to the laboratory computer, e.g. via USB stick.

Program versions "Standard" und "Data"

PVS Collect Standard:

The standard version of our support software only compiles necessary configuration data automatically, but leaves out data from your measurements that have already been performed. This ensures that no sensitive information leaves your laboratory. This option is sufficient for most support cases



PVS Collect Data:

The Data version of our support software automatically compiles configuration data and data of your already performed measurements. This is needed, for example, to support a move to a new laboratory computer. Select this option only after explicit request by our support team.

PVS Collect DATA

Notes before running the PVS Collect support software


  • The PVS Collect support software is compatible to the following Windows® versions: Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® 8(.x), Windows® 10, Windows® 11.
  • Before running the PVS Collect support software, your laboratory computer should be completely restarted. Then restart the regular PVS software while the PVS box and (if used) the autosampler are ready for operation. Now close the PVS software again and then start the PVS Collect support software.


  • Running the PVS Collect support software does not trigger any installation process. No changes are made to your laboratory computer as a result.
  • Running the PVS Collect support software does not require local administration rights. However, depending on the operating system or local security policies, you may be prompted to enter the user password.
  • Run the PVS Collect support software with the same Windows® user account that you use to perform measurements on your PVS or autosampler system.

Manual PVS Collect support software

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