Integrated Sample preparation

For simple and safe production of polymer solutions

  • Automatic sample preparation of polymer solutions
  • System consisting of a maximum of two dosing systems and an analytical balance
  • Due to the integration into the PVS software no transmission errors as with handwritten documentation. Application menu of the PVS software defines initial weight, concentration and required dosing quantity and saves them to your polymer sample
  • Gravimetric dosing avoids temperature errors.

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In combination with XPR-type laboratory balances, we offer a flexible weighing and dosing method for preparing samples for viscometry. The PC-controlled system accelerates and improves the weighing and dosing process considerably.

Moreover, the automatic process provides a higher safety standard for the user. Some of the previously manual work steps are completely eliminated. The simple handling requires no special technical knowledge on the part of the lab personnel. The weighing and dosing system operates reliably and with high precision. Since the solvent dosing takes place in a closed system, the personnel benefits from a much lower exposure to dangerous solvent fumes or even direct contact at their workplaces.

This allows a significantly higher sample throughput at an impressive high quality and security level.


Special Features:

  • High-quality XPR balance and special software module for gravimetric or volumetric dosing
  • No influence on the solvent temperature and prethermostating not necessary
  • Direct transfer of concentration and initial weight to the PVS software
  • User navigation via high-resolution display on the balance
  • Input of sample data via PC or barcode reader
  • Multiple solvents – can be added for different sample types

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