The compact scientific instrument with perfect control and new methods

The compact and precise TD5 tensiometer is the ideal instrument for your research, quality control, and product development. With the TD5, you can measure not only standard methods such as the Du-Noüy ring or Wilhelmy plate method for measuring surface and interfacial tension in liquids to characterize surfactant solutions, oils, and other liquids, but also drop adhesion force and density - all in a very compact device that does not require the entire laboratory bench. Thanks to the user-friendly Surface.Meter software, you have the ability to fully control the measurement and monitor the raw data in real-time, so you can rely on the results at any time. One highlight of our TD5 is the unique drop adhesion measurement, which allows you to directly measure the interactions between liquid and solid.

With the TD5, you get one of the most compact tensiometers for research purposes on the market. Precise data in a compact format.


Special Features:

  • Extremely compact research tensiometer
  • Surface/Interfacial tension measurement with full control
  • Powerful Surface.Meter software
  • Advanced analytical methods like drop adhesion force tests

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For research, quality control and product development

Comprehensive Software with full control 

Advantages & benefits

  • Surface.Meter software for standard surface and interfacial 
    tension measurements and drop-adhesion force measurements
  • Complete control over all parameters like weight and position
  • Easy data handling and export for all QC and research purposes
  • Integrated liquid database
  • Integrated calibration procedure with the option to use an external calibration weight
  • Sample area is protected by windshield
  • Sample spacers allow quick handling and adjustments

Measurement modes and options

Advantages & benefits

  • Surface tension and interfacial tension measurements 
    according to the respective norms
  • Surface and interfacial tension measurements using the Pull-through method
  • Density measurement software and tool included 
  • Drop adhesion measurements to determine solid liquid interactions
  • Micro-Penetration measurements optional
  • Internal and external calibration procedure
  • Temperature range 5…80°C, optional temperature sensor available

Accurate temperature with TDJ 805 
temperature control unit and LOOP

Advantages & benefits

  • Fast and effective temperature control of your samples by connecting an external thermostat 
    (e.g. LAUDA Scientific Loop 100)
  • Temperature-controlled measurements between 5 and 80 °C
  • Incl. sample beaker ∅ 6 cm (EG  011-1) and windshield 
  • Low space requirement with convenient controls within the Surface.Meter software

Innovative drop-adhesion force measurement

Advantages & benefits

  • Precise measurement of solid-solid and liquid-solid interactions
  • With the help of a cuvette various environmental phases are 
    possible, allowing also the measurement of bubble-solid interactions
  • Different probe sizes for a wide measurement range

Technical features:

Surface tension measuring range

0,75...2000 mN/m (ring)/ 0,1...999 mN/m (plate)

Surface tension resolution

0,007 mN/m

Density resolution

0,001 g/cm3

Weighing system resolution

0,1 mg

Maximum Weight

200 g

Table movement

Motor driven PC controlled (precision drive)

Ring correction

Automatic (acc. to Zuidema and Waters)

Temperature range withTDJ 805

5...80 °C

Dimensions (W x D x H)

226 x 189 x 360 mm

Power consumption

15 W

Weight, net

11,3 kg

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