New Tensiometer TD5

The fully automated tensiometer with even higher accuracy and extremely fast measuring rate

If you appreciated our compact TD4 tensiometer, you will love our new TD5. Many small details and big improvements make it the most compact research tensiometer we have ever developed for you. The significantly improved load cell extends the previous measuring range to the wide range of 100µg to 220g. This leads to a much higher accuracy of your measurements and paves the way for completely new measurement methods and procedures in the future, e.g. for powder measurements or penetrometer applications.

In addition, we were able to accelerate the measurement rate considerably, making even fast processes measurable.

Our powerful tensiometer is equipped with software operation via PC, which is based on our Surface.Meter software, which many users already know from our contact angle measuring instruments. This not only makes operation much more convenient, but users of our "Surface Analyzer" also feel immediately familiar with the application environment.