TD 4
Fully automated ring / plate tensiometer

The LAUDA Scientific TD4 is an fully automated stand-alone tensiometer for research and quality control. Wherever surface tension and interfacial tension measurements according to the Du-Noüy ring and Wilhelmy plate methods is needed – the TD4 is just doing that according to international standards. It is used in the field of transformer oils, in cleaning processes, in the beverage industry and in many other areas. Its precise load cell, position sensor and sample stage motor makes the TD4 a perfect match when an easy-to-use instrument with high precision is needed. Due to its motor driven stage the TD4 with its measurement templates offers user-independency and high resolution, even at low interfacial tensions.


Special Features:

  • Wide measurement range up to 300 mN/m (0.01 mN/m resolution)
  • User-independent measurements with automatic maximum detection and sample stage movement
  • Automatic Zuidema and Waters correction for precise correction of Du-Noüy ring measurements
  • Precise, high-resolution distance measurement for exact measurements with the  Wilhelmy plate method
  • User-friendly due to an innovative measuring assistant including predefined standard methods
  • Intuitive touch-based graphical user interface with integrated user management including different user levels to meet GLP requirements
  • Optional temperature control without additional bench space requirements

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Technical features:

Surface tension measuring range

0...300 mN/m (ring), 0...999 mN/m (plate)

Surface tension resolution

0.01 mN/m

Density resolution

0.002 g/cm3

Weighing system resolution

0.1 mg

Table movement


Ring correction

Automatic (acc. Zuidema and Waters)

Predefined methods in acc. to

ASTM D971,EN 14210, IEC 62961, EN 14370, EN 14059 and more

Temperature range

10...40 °C

Temperature range with PTT+

5...80 °C

Dimensions (W x D x H)

245 x 205 x 335 mm

Power consumption

10 W

Weight, net

11 kg

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