LAUDA Scientific presents new contact angle measuring instruments at ACHEMA

Measuring instrument manufacturer presents expanded product portfolio

In April, LAUDA Scientific GmbH announced its new viscometers, tensiometers and contact angle measuring instruments. Now the measuring instrument manufacturer is presenting this extended product portfolio for the first time at this year's ACHEMA. While the focus has so far been on polymer analysis, in particular the analysis of molecular weight and degree of polymerization, LAUDA Scientific can now also offer analysis methods for surface interactions, i.e. the interactions of the outermost molecule layers - and thus offer the customer a complete picture of his polymer application. In this combination, LAUDA Scientific offers a unique range of consulting services.

The background to the latest additions with a focus on contact angle measurement and optical tensiometry is the cooperation between LAUDA Scientific and the Hamburg-based founder and owner of Ningbo NB Scientific Instruments Co. Ltd., Dr. Bihai Song, a long-time expert in interfacial analysis. Both companies will work together extensively to advance these and other technologies and disseminate them worldwide. LAUDA Scientific sees contact angle measurement and optical tensiometry as a logical addition to its more than 50 years of measuring instrument activities. The new instruments can be used in polymer analysis, for example to predict adhesion properties or for refining and modifying surfaces.

"Over the past few weeks, we have been very pleased with the high level of interest in our new product portfolio, especially since Dr. Song and I have been dealing with this topic for a long time. We are all the more proud to be able to present the new devices at ACHEMA," explains Dr. Ulf Reinhardt, Managing Director of LAUDA Scientific GmbH. "Above all, the many discussions about the most varied application possibilities have confirmed to us that we have taken the right step with the expansion to include contact angle measuring instruments and optical tensiometry in order to be able to offer innovative measuring instruments on the market," Dr. Reinhardt continued.

The new measuring instruments, which were acquired in 2015 from the former measuring instruments division of LAUDA DR. R. WOBSER GMBH & CO. KG, is now present in both interfacial analysis and polymer analysis thanks to its expanded product portfolio and will continue the success story it has begun.